Adolf Martens Memorial Steel Lecture Award Recipients

YearFull NamePaper Title
2023Dr. Keith A. Taylor 
2022Dr. Matthias Militzer 
2021Mr. Anil K. SachdevIron: The Ubiquitous Element
2020Dr. Nina M. Fonstein 
2019Dr. Wolfgang BleckThe fascinating variety of new Manganese alloyed steels
2018Dr. John G. SpeerSteel — A Lot to Learn
2017Dr. Bruno Charles De CoomanMechanical Twinning in Formable Advanced Ultrahigh-Strength Steel
2016Dr. David K. MatlockEnhancing the Fatigue Performance of Steel: Have We Learned Anything From the Past?
2015Dr. Harry BhadeshiaA Complete Theory for Martensitic Transformations
2014Mr. David V. EdmondsThe "Silicon Age" of Steel: How Alloying With Silicon Is Playing a Crucial Role in Modern Steel Development
2013Dr. John J. Jonas, O.C. C.Q. FRSC, Ph.DWidmanstätten Ferrite: Fat, Old Plates in Meteorites and Fresh, Skinny Plates in Rolled Steels. What do they have in common?
2012Mr. Anthony J. DeArdoThe Microstructure of Steel, a Modern View of an Ancient Material
2011Dr. Bruce L. BramfittA Metallurgical Perspective of the Role of Rail Steel in the Growth of America
2010Dr. George KraussMartensitic Microstructural Systems in Carbon-Steels and Susceptibility to Hydrogen Embrittlement