Steel Research & Applications Grant

YearFull NameUniversityProject Title
2016Dr. Arun M. GokhaleGeorgia Institute of TechnologyEffects of Deformation on Quantitative Microstructure-Properties Relationships in Hot-Stamped AHSS Steels at High Strain Rates
2015Dr. Calixto Isaac GarciaUniversity of PittsburghDesign and Development of a Continuous Annealing Laboratory Simulator (CAL-VS1) to Study AHSS and other Steel Systems
2014Dr. Bryan WeblerCarnegie Mellon UniversityOptimization of Calcium Treatment and Inclusion Modification
2011Dr. Lifeng ZhangMissouri University of Science & TechnologyThe Impact of Advanced High-Strength Steels (AHSS) and Embedded Electronic Components on the Recyclability of Automobiles
2010Patricia Morris The Ohio State UniversityDesign of a Virtual Metal-Oxide Sensor Array Device for Off-Gas Detection and Monitoring in Iron and Steel Processing
2009Dr. Chenn Q. Zhou, Ph.D.Purdue University-CalumetIntegration of Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation and Virtual Reality Visualization for Iron and Steel Making Processes
2008Dr. Kip O. FindleyColorado School of MinesWeldability, Processing,Microstructure, and Mechanical Behavior Relationships in Advanced High Strength Steel
2007Mr. Robert W. Warke, P.E.LeTourneau UniversityApplication of State-of-the-World Modeling Techniques to Steel Processes
2006 University of Missouri Rolla  
2005 Michigan Technological University