Distinguished Member and Fellow Award Recipients

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2019Ms. Harriet G. DutkaFor sustained contributions and leadership in the Electric Steelmaking Technology Committee training seminars resulting in the education of primary operations personnel, for her fellowship in creating a diverse and sustainable steelmaking community through participation in AIST study tours, and in recognition o fher distinguished career in the steelmaking industry spanning more than 30 years.
2019Dr. Yakov M. GordonFor his dedication and contributions to improving and expanding the science of ironmaking. A recognized expert in ferrous metallurgy, process design and technology development, he freely and frequently shares his knowledge with others. Through his commitment to research, pursuit of innovative technologies and devoted mentorship skills, he has become an internationally recognized leader in developing successful iron- and steelmaking processes.
2019Dr. Johannes SchadePosthumously, for his long-standing commitment to AIST, and for his exemplary career as a researcher, manager and mentor. His work in continuous casting technology, especially in tundish and mold operations, greatly advanced process knowledge related to steel cleanliness. his passion for technical excellence and innovation contributed significantly to the success of his longtime emplouyer, AK Steel Corp., whom he faithfull represented at AIST Technology Committee meetings and in many technical papers and publications. Through his sharp wit and gentle, but outgoing demeanor, he inspired a generation of young profesisonals who have gone on to successful careers in the steel industry.
2018Mr. Richard L. BodnarFor his sustained and significant contributions to the advancement of the metallurgy of rolled and forged steel products, and for outstanding service to AIST. Dr. Bodnar's prolific career has resulted in the development of new steel products and more than 100 published technical papers, many of which have received the steel industry's top honors. His leadership in AIST Technology Committees and in the organization of special programs and symposia has created invaluable opportunities for educational and technical exchange.
2018Dr. Juergen CappelIn recognition of his service to the steel industry and his willingness to share his extensive knowledge of steelmaking processes. Through his leadership in developing global AIST platforms such as the International Steel Academy, the International Study Tour program and the European Steel Forum, and for his active contribtuions to numerous AIST Technology Committees and Training Courses, Dr. Cappel has been an exemplary ambassador for AIST's global mission
2018Mr. James D. McClaskeyIn recognition of a 43-year career in the steel industry, he exhibited the drive, determination and leadership ability that personifies the vision of AIST. Mr. McClaskey spent his entire career within Midrex family companies, rising from an entry-level engineer to president and CEO of Midrex Technologies Inc. There, he championed global DRI development, leading Midrex through several indusry cycles and overseeing some of the most successful years in the company's history.
2018Mr. Mark J. McGinleyFor his contributions in developing the Cranes Technology Committee (CTC) over the past three decades. His attentive input into nearly every aspect and subject of CTC meetings has helped solve crane-related problems for many companies around the world. He has been a loyal supporter of the Annual Crane Symposium since its inception, and his reassuring nature along with his years of experience and expertise make Mr. McGinley a valued friend for the global steel industry.
2017Mr. Lourenco GoncalvesIn recognition of his distinguished career in the global metals and mining industry, and for his 35 years of passionate, visionary and thoughtful leadership. His positive influence as a strong leader and vocal advocate has advanced the technical development, production, processing and application of iron and steel.
2017Dr. Steven S. HansenFor his exceptional leadership at both integrated steel mills and mini-mills, his valuable technical contributions to the development of numerous steel products, his service as a role model and mentor for engineers and co-workers, and his dedication to fostering the next generation of industry professionals through his work with the AIST Foundation.
2017Mr. Michael J. StrelbiskyFor his relentless scientific drive to improve steelmaking process and technology; his passion to serve as a global ambassador for AIST; and his instrumental role in the evolution of the AIST Study Tour program, which has fostered the international exchange of ideas and fellowship on the path toward creating a sustainable iron and steel industry.
2017Dr. Brian G. ThomasIn recognition of his significant contributions to the understanding and improvement of the continuous casting of steel. As one of the world's leading experts in the field of validated computational models, his work has provided scientific explanations for the formation of unique casting defects; as a professional, he has distinguished himself as a prolific author, researcher, academic and innovator.
2016Dr. David K. MatlockIn recognition of his dedication to excellence in teaching, his leadership in developing and sustaining ferrous metallurgy academic research programs, and his service to the steel producing and application communities.
2016Mr. Douglas D. NikschIn recognition of 40 years of experience in material handling and transportation logistics, and for his extensive expertise in the leadership and evolution of both the Material Handling and Transportation & Logistics Technology committees of AIST. His knowledge and passion for the steel industry and his enduring commitment to AIST exemplify the true spirit of this award.
2016Dr. Ronaldo Santos SampaioIn honor of his passion to educate young people about steel technology and more importantly about life, and for his unwavering dedication to promote the values of AIST and its mission of service to the steel industry of Brazil.
2016Mr. Richard P. Teets, Jr.For his invaluable contributions to the steel industry as a founder of Steel Dynamics; for his many years of service as a Member, Trustee, Director, Officer and President dedicated to the evolution, guidance and leadership of AIST and the AIST Foundation; for his encouragement and support of his fellow workers to engage the industry in the advancement of technology and the advocacy of our mission; for this support of young people in the pursuit of and education and career in the industry; and for his mentoring and generosity, which extend beyond the plant and into the community. Throughout his career, he has unselfishly given of himself to support, innovate and grow the steel industry for the benefit of others.
2015Mr. Anthony R. BridgeIn recognition of his inspirational career dedicated to the evolution of blast furnace and alternative iron production technologies. His steadfast management of personnel and process, as well as his leadership of AIST as its president, earned the respect of his peers.
2015Dr. Bruno Charles De CoomanFor his meritorious service to the steel industry through relevant research for advanced steel rolling and processing, and for his enduring efforts to educate industry professionals through curriculum development and teaching within the university system and AIST programs.
2015Mr. Andrew S. HarshawIn recognition of his distinguished career in integrated steel manufacturing operations and maintenance throughout North America, and for his exceptional leadership and service to AIST. His ability to motivate and inspire his colleagues, combined with his astute technical expertise, are without equal.
2015Dr. Kenneth E. BlazekIn recognition of his significant contributions to the scientific understanding of continuous casting, and for his distinguished service to AIST spanning more than half a century.
2014Mr. Thomas W. GoettgeIn recognition of his distinguished career in integrated steel manufacturing technology and operations, and for his steadfast vision to guide the formation of AIST and growth of the AIST Foundation for the greater good of the global steel industry.