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Investigating the Use of Shaft-Level Tuyere Injection With Computational Fluid Dynamics

As blast furnace operators pursue higher-rate fuel injection to minimize both cost and CO2 emissions, methods by which the associated limitations could be circumvented have become increasingly desirable. Researchers have explored the use of shaft-level tuyeres for delivery of syngas, hydro gen, or recycled top gas into the furnace above the cohesive zone as one such solution to enable lower carbon intensity in the process. This work applies computational fluid dynamics models, validated against indus trial conditions, to provide insight into the impacts of shaft-level reducing gas supply on gas and burden temperatures, reduction rates, and coke consumption.
2024/04 AIST Iron & Steel Technology April
Samuel E. Nielson, Tyamo Okosun, Orlando Ugarte, Chenn Q. Zhou
April 01, 2024
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