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Prediction of Austenite Grain Size Evolution in Wire Rod Rolling

A set of integrated mathematical models for predicting microstructure evolution during hot rolling has been developed through laboratory research work. It consists of several models which include static and dynamic recrystallization mechanisms. Generally, dynamic recrystallization falls under the continuous hot rolling process. The model has been applied to compute the changes in grain at individual passes during hot rolling. The initial grain size with different heating temperatures and dwell times was computed using constitutive equation, and grain size at the individual passes was calculated using different pass schedules at individual passes. The model has been validated by comparing predicted austenite grain size with measurements made on quenched samples taken from end-cut shears. Different grades and sizes have been validated in this model. The predicted results agree well with measured values in samples.
2023/12 AIST Iron & Steel Technology December
M. Rasul Iqbal, S. Prakash Jayaraj, M. Sambandam
December 01, 2023
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