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CO2 Reduction by Combining Methanation With the Blast Furnace

As a method for remarkably reducing CO2 emissions from the blast furnace, a method combining carbon recycling technology (methanation) and the blast furnace was proposed, and theoretical examination was carried out by Rist diagram. The results showed that by synthesizing methane from CO2 in the blast furnace gas and blowing it through the tuyere, CO2 emis sions could be reduced by more than 30% compared with conventional blast furnaces. At that time, it was also clarified that oxygen blast and pre-heating gas blowing from the shaft upper part were effective for the increase of CO2 reduction.
2024/04 AIST Iron & Steel Technology April
Yuki Kawashiri, Yusuke Kashihara, Kiyoshi Fukada
April 01, 2024
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